Dave and I got together Friday morning to run lines.  We had a good session.  As we were wrapping up, chatting, I somehow got started talking about how I haven’t been getting as much writing done as I’d like.

I was telling Dave that as a writer, I feel I need to be working every day on my novels.  That if I’m not, I run the risk of losing the threads, the ideas, the story ... BLAH BLAH BLAH … and I was getting a little worked up about the whole thing. 

So then Dave says: “There—that’s the feeling you need when you’re telling George about your problems with Marilyn!  That same level of frustration—that’s perfect for that scene!”  

ACTORS!  I love this process.  We have this common goal of getting Chapter Two to the stage and I love the camaraderie of the four of us working together and supporting each other like we do.    

They say it’s all about the journey, and not the destination.   I couldn’t ask for better traveling companions.

55 days to go …