We ran the whole play Tuesday--first time on our feet.  Sure, it took over 3 hours, but we did it and it fits together well.  We all did pretty well knowing our lines, too.  Funny how that works--none of us has "memorized" our lines.  Jeanna was right.  Most of them are just "there".  With two months to go, I think we're in pretty good shape.  Our rehearsal schedule hasn't changed, but it seems now that "THE PLAY" is starting to take over our lives.  It has certainly become the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep at night.

EXCEPT THAT WE JUST FOUND OUT THAT WE'RE ACTUALLY GETTING ANOTHER AIREDALE PUPPY!!  He will be born around March 20 and his name will be "Ziggy Stardust".  Puppy raising will be our life after "THE PLAY".  But for now, "THE PLAY" IS EVERYTHING.

EXCEPT THAT I'M GOING TO BE IN THE ARIZONA QUILTERS GUILD STATE SHOW AND I'M HOPING THAT THIS IS THE YEAR THAT I FINALLY WIN A BLUE RIBBON.  I've won ribbons every year but never a blue one.  Cross your fingers for me.  I'll find out on March 9.  But for right now, "THE PLAY" IS EVERYTHING.

Steve and I walked and ran our lines this morning.  It's amazing how well that works with the line-learning process.  Videos with Jeanna this afternoon for the Kickstarter campaign and then it's the WEEKEND!  One week closer to opening night!