Yesterday we ran Act 2 from beginning to end.  It was exciting, nerve racking, and wonderful.

Ah.... the rehearsal process!  "Moments" that you keep reaching for, sometimes just materialize out of thin air...Pieces fit together - timing, dialogue, blocking.  The personal demons transform into creative expression that flows through each of the four of us using Neil Simon's words.    There were some really nice moments that showed up yesterday for all four of us. I got high on the experience of it.   Yeah, there were bumpy parts too, but if it was easy everyone would be doing this.  

Man I love this play.  The characters are so well defined, and the dialogue is natural and funny.  This is really the way people talk.  We are all pretty much off book and know the lines... although we are all still walking with scripts in hand -- more as a crutch than do to necessity.  I am so lucky to have the cast that I do.  They all work so hard, and are pushing themselves to find new discoveries... I guess the name "Compass Players" is fitting.

Lot's of work still in front of us... but we can now really get creative and explore some new things.   I can't wait for rehearsal today!!!