60 days to go... the countdown begins.  I feel like I am going to throw up.  We went to a play yesterday and I sat there thinking, "60 days from now that will be us up there." 

We are doing all the work, putting one foot in front of the other, but the mind just short circuits when it trys to project everything that will or might happen between now and then.

Monday we are putting all of Act 2 on its feet, and Tuesday will be the first full run thru.  God knows how long THAT will take.   Maybe I will feel less anxious after that... yeah, right.   In the meantime, I listen to music, run lines, change blocking, argue with myself, visualize performances... all the insecurities that I used to feel, are right back....they never left.  Bravado helps cover it up, but I know they are there like an old friend.

The woman to the left of me in the audience last night said to her friend, "Could you ever be an Actress?  I couldn't do that, I would be too scared."  I wanted to say to her...yeah, that fear is what drives it... but I was too scared to talk to her.  Go figure.