Boy, when I go off my game... I GO OFF MY GAME.   My creativity "muse" was obviously off doing Christmas shopping, 'cause let me tell you... I came up with absolute dreck at rehearsal.  And the problem when THAT happens is that everything and everyone goes sideways. 

So... how do I right the ship for today??  Good question.  I can't sleep.....just sitting here thinking about the work we did... or rather the work we didn't do.  And what I could have done or said to have had a better outcome.  And so far, I have nothing.... Yup...there's a good leader for you.  I feel really bad because I can see the rehearsal schedule tightening up as we are approaching the holidays.... God, I hate the holidays.   I digress.  I felt like I HAD a handle on the play... and now I don't.   Moments... I'm trying to stitch moments together.... and that's not enough for a successful show .... I can't SEE the thru line.  

Maybe because CHAPTER TWO was our first production, or because I had thought about the play for so many YEARS... that was why the life of THAT production was so organic and alive.  I haven't discovered THAT "aliveness" with this production as of yet.... Maybe I pushed doing the show too soon?  Maybe the three other compass members aren't as connected to this show as they were with CHAPTER TWO... we all have other interests and lives besides this production... all I know is that it's not clicking on all cylinders as of yet.  I feel like it needs a battery recharge.  Maybe I need a battery recharge.  Ugh!  I'm going back to bed... maybe I can "dream" an answer to my problem.