Bringing in people to watch a rehearsal is like adding the secret sauce to a recipe.  You can make the same recipe as six other people, but bring your own special ingredient to it, and it can enhance the whole final product.  That was yesterday's rehearsal.  We made it all the way thru with most of the lines intact.  Yea!!!  And the laughs from the audience totally fed the cast... and me.  There are still issues at some spots, but we can fix those.

I could see the whole arc of the play, I could see what the audience thought was funny, I could see what they did not laugh at.  That's tough for actors sometimes.  You think something will get a laugh and it doesn't.... or vice versa... you don't think something will get a laugh and it does.   Definitely have to go back and look at some of the moments I thought would get laughs.

We are off for four days... and then the sprint begins.  Now we all have to take this up a notch to the next level.  Man, I hope I am up for this task.  It's close to really being great.. not just good, but great.  I just have to find the right words to communicate to the actors what to do next.   Well, I got four days to come up with them.