So we did not make it all the way thru Act 1.  I hope I don't end up regretting that on Thursday. But what we reworked I thought went really well.  The trick is going to be to see what sticks for Thursday's run thru.  More lines seem to be sticking... if you repeat a scene often enough, I guess they have to.   Hopefully I can get a pretty reasonable timing on the overall run thru. 

Definitely going to stick with furniture versus folding chairs.  I think having the actual dimensions of the acting area laid out on the floor helps too.  Both the cast and definitely me.  Can't wait to see if I can unwrap the string and lay it back down.  It should work... I hope it works... or I wasted a good deal of time yesterday for one day versus the rest of the rehearsal period.

Today we hit Act 2.  We will see if I can set the pacing in this Act a little better.  I actually think we may have rehearsed this Act more than the first.  Jeez - just today and tomorrow before our holiday break.  Off Friday until Wednesday... I just hope the cast keep working their lines and repeating their blocking.  Okay, there you go... there is the homework for while we are off... run lines - work on blocking... Then repeat, repeat, repeat.  Then repeat one more time.