So we did a full run thru with the costumes that we have so far... that way I could see what we were still lacking.  Thankfully, most of the show is now fully costumed. And fully costumed well.  A few holes but we should be able to fill them without too much effort. 

But it was a rehearsal of looking at the "little things" that were either making or breaking a scene.  Sometimes, it was clothing, sometimes it was props, sometimes it was how an Actor was standing on stage...Open yourselves up, doesn't matter how good you are if no one can see you.   I think the balls may be problematic... they're round and they roll.  Need I say more.  I have to look at that again.  Some parts are a little too frenetic so the audience may be unsure where to focus.  I gotta look at that too.  And I really haven't focused much on Sound as of yet.  Yeah.... more to go.

But the biggest detail is about the size of the playing area.  It's so much bigger than CHAPTER TWO since we changed the seating.  But it is not as big as the space we have been rehearsing in.  I went to the Theater and measured the acting area, then went to the rehearsal space and mapped it out on the floor.   Oy.  So we were constantly adjusting where the blocking was taking place.  I think this may wreak havoc with the lighting for the show.   I keep saying, "Oh, we have time."  Ha, that's running out pretty fast.... the sand is running thru the glass at break neck speed.   Breathe Jeanna, breathe.   Today we are going to rework Act 1, then tomorrow do the same thing to Act 2... hopefully as we find the pace of the Acts I can solve more issues and answer more of my concerns.  It's far from looking effortless, but that is something to shoot for.  But it is funny, you know!  I had to say that.