We finished reworking the end of Act 2.  Sometimes I feel like I am walking thru molasses and sometimes I feel like I can fly... no, I am not doing drugs.   Everyone's game is stepping up.  I see little light bulbs go off when things are clicking for them... and then I can see the frustration when the next line is just out of reach... thank God for Judy.  It happens when lines are "just lines" and not the next natural step in a conversation.  Listening, listening, listening... progress.  Breathe Jeanna, breathe.

We hit our Kick Starter goal.... One day before the deadline.  Thank goodness or all that pledged money would have been gone.  At least I don't have to worry about THAT. 

Diane brought more costumes yesterday -- some worked, some did not..... This aspect of the show is a little slower than I had anticipated, but we will get there. I think it is a little slower than Diane thought it would be too.  

There was more listening and reacting during the rehearsal yesterday, I think some of the new character discoveries seem to be taking root.  God, I hope we don't run out of time. 

Today we are going to run the whole show straight thru -- first time.  This is like watching a new child trying to walk: they're up... they're down...then they are up again.   I'm rooting for staying up more than down.  I'm hoping to see the overall arc of the play so I can figure out what to solve next... Exciting, nerve racking, anxious... man I love theater.