So yesterday we ran all of Act 1 and took our first look at costumes for that Act.  Cast is about half way off book on the Act.  Some parts work, some parts drag, some parts are funny, and I still have some holes to fill.  But the costumes really help to lend added shape to the characters, and costumes are starting to really fall nicely into place.

I have to keep thinking about how colors help define the character to the audience in subliminal ways -- Greg being in muted and dark blues... sympathetic, in the middle of his mid-life crisis; Sylvia in vibrant colors - pinks, bright yellows... youth,exciting, childlike, fun; Kate in deeper shades of Sylvia's color pallet -- representing the older adult side of the relationship, Kate, in her youth was Sylvia to Greg... but now she is grown up and with that in deeper and richer colors.  Need to add more of the Shakespeare influence into her wardrobe. 

Diane has made some wonderful choices.  Costuming the Phyllis character has worked well, it's just the Leslie character that we have to rethink....again.  The costume is really interesting... the question I am wrestling with is whether the Leslie character we are creating fits the costume I have fallen in love with... Hmmm... will have to see.  This one may be a total overhaul.

So I was taking notes on the rehearsal.  When trying to read them back, it's hard to read some of my chicken scratches.  Hard to write and watch the play at the same time.  Maybe today I will try to record my notes.  I did that before - I think my complaint was that it took too long to give notes to the Actors that way... but then I would at least know what I said.   I think I will try it.

At least we found a new replacement for the dog treats.   Now if I can keep all of us from eating all of the props during the rehearsal process that will be great!!  On to Act 2 today.