It's been a while since my last post... I have been what you might say... "busy."  NO... let's go with SWAMPED, or "busier than a one-armed paperhanger," or any of those other inane phrases people use to describe having too much to do... and not enough time to do it in.

And when you ARE in that situation.... have you ever noticed how very few things work properly, or go your way, or happen in a timely manner?  We have been working on the pre-show slide ribbon and all of the slides for the production, and we have been having different kinds of "issues" since this past Sunday when we got into the Theater (i.e., right choice of slide, how long to keep each slide up for, how long are the transitions, too many slides, not enough slides... oh, and the Theater Ghost keeps moving the projector each night).

But yesterday, late afternoon, we FINALLY seem to have gotten our act together and got all the way thru pre-show, intermission, and to the end of the play.  All slides now work - who knows why the cat and the bedpan slide would never come up... but their replacement slides do.

I'm really proud of the work on this production.  With some potential audience members questioning the play's format, it can make you a little nervous that the show may not be as well received as you would like.  However, since it HAS been done a ton of times by a ton of people, I think I am more confident in what the audience's reactions will be than Dave is.  We will know as of tomorrow night. 

Yup, tomorrow night... Opening.  Before we get there, I FINALLY get my Stage Manager back today.  Hopefully Barbara can stay awake since she has been in Europe for the last three weeks and just got in last night at 8:30 p.m.  Today, she has an hour and a half to learn the show and then we have two full run thrus.  Hmmm...  I'll just leave it at Hmmm... I don't want to jinx myself.   

And FINALLY we have our first SOLD OUT performance.... sold out BEFORE the run of the show opens. SOLD OUT for the first Saturday night of the run.   We didn't get that milestone during CHAPTER TWO, but we got it now!!   I think that is pretty cool.  

And I can FINALLY breathe again.  Which is good because passing out was not written anywhere in this play.  But seriously, it has been great to FINALLY get to THIS moment.  I really appreciate all of the work the behind the scene minions have done, and are still doing... that means you Judy. :)   I never say it enough, and I am sure I never demonstrate it enough, but when I stop for a moment, like this, I am truly humbled.

So hopefully we are building on our success from CHAPTER TWO and this next step will lead us forward onto SYLVIA.  I hope I can write and say "we had so many people come and see the show that we did not have enough programs for everyone!!"  That would be cool.