Nerves … Tension … Fear … the opposite of relaxation and ease.  We’ve all sat in a theater and watched uneasily a player on the stage consumed with stage fright.  You can’t miss it.  The voice goes up an octave; the shoulders are up around the ears, the arms stiffly saw the air.  Anything but naturalism; Acting with a capital A.  Sometimes, though, tension is not so blatantly obvious.  Like yesterday’s rehearsal, when it showed up as me not listening.  I can hear Jeanna in my ear repeating her lesson: “Acting is listening and reacting.”  Well, I wasn’t and I missed my cue, coming in too soon and jumping right on Dave’s line.  Everyone caught it but me.  And, it’s not that I don’t know my cue.  It was that I wasn’t listening—because I wasn’t relaxed and in the moment.  I was tense and anxious, worried about my “performance.”  I read an interview once with Cary Grant; he was in his fifties at the time and the interviewer wanted to know what could keep him interested in his craft after all those years.  Mr. Grant said that he had recently had an epiphany: that he could breathe in the middle of a scene.  He could just relax and breathe.  So simple and yet so profound – just let the body breathe.  It’s a lesson that Jeanna has been teaching us all through this process—and I will get another brand new opportunity to put it to the test tomorrow.  Ahhhhhhh ... I love acting!