Last summer, after an unfortunate injury to my shoulder while attending the Studio Art Quilt Associates annual meeting in Portland, Oregon, I decided to start my own personal blog--to chronicle my creative struggles and successes as an art quilter.  I have not finished writing my first blog entry for that personal blog.  I'll get around to it soon.  I have had "blog clog".  I am going to attempt to dislodge my "blog clog" with my first entry here as a Compass Player.

I, Frances Oldham Murphy, Compass Player, was born at the cast party for Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap" in December 2014.  All of us in the cast felt very good about our little play.  We worked hard, laughed hard, and had a great time doing only five performances of "The Mousetrap".  We could have done five more performances if we had been given the stage time, but the community of Sun City Grand had other plans for the space, so we changed out of our costumes, wiped off our makeup, struck the set, and went to the cast party for free food.  Just before the end of the cast party, Jeanna Michaels, our illustrious director, pulled me aside and invited me to join her, Steve and Dave to form the Compass Players.  My vision went black around the edges, I looked behind me to make sure that Jeanna was really talking to me, and I said (without any hesitation) yes.

We began working on Neil Simon's "Chapter Two" in September 2015.  Each rehearsal has been a concentrated journey into character development and the part each of our characters plays in bringing the story of the play to life. 

Acting is not easy for anyone--even bad actors have to work at it.  I am the type of actor who has to "toy" with my character for some time before I can let her out on stage.  It is a struggle most times and sometimes the character emerges and sometimes not.  There have been only two characters that I've played who have seemed to be there right from the auditions--April Green in "Hot'l Baltimore" and Madame Arcati in "Blythe Spirit"--and I would love to do both characters again because what I am learning from Jeanna, Steve and Dave would really put those girls over the top.

I can feel Faye Medwick developing.  She's there.  I just have to find which door to open to let her out.