Before yesterday's rehearsal Dave called to say he had a head cold.  He had played golf and didn't layer up... That could lead me down a whole different post about men and going out to play, but I will try to stick to what I wanted to write about. 

Anyway, so he had a head cold, and he was calling to say maybe we should cancel since he didn't want to get the rest of us sick.  As fast as I could remember Stella Adler saying it to me... I said to Dave, "Use it."  Needless to say there was confusion on Dave's part. 

Rather than trying to overcome how you feel or what is going on for you in your personal life, one technique is to take whatever is going on (emotionally, physically, etc.) and layer it into the character that you are playing.  Well, it just so happened that the scene we were about to work on yesterday, meant that George had just gotten off a plane from Europe a day or two before.  So it made sense that his character might have picked up something on the plane.  It's a nice layer to the scene and gave Steve some additional business as a result -- Props: buy Purell.  

Now I just pray the rest of us don't get sick.