When working on a play I'm more observant of my surroundings, people, clothing, and music.  Not necessarily in that order.   I find myself in moments going "oh, I could see character "A" doing THAT mannerism.  Or, hmmm.. maybe character "B" should wear something along those lines.  Or that song would fit really well at the end of Act 1.

Lots of sensory input.   It's great to feel all the acting/directing muscles stretching again.  Man, I missed this.  I hear teachers and coaches in my head at the wierdest times, reminding me of all the techniques that so easily can become cliches: trust;  listen; be in the moment;  don't act - react.... Acting is viseral, directing is being able to communicate that.  It's going to come down to how can I take these actors, this play, and communicate my vision of the play to an audience and entertain the audience?

Music will definitely play a large part in this production... I think Neil Simon would be happy to know I didn't turn CHAPTER TWO into a musical.  But songs have been coming at me from all directions.  I think I am making the cast nuts trying out different songs on them.  Wanting their input, seeing how they react to them. 

Because this play has so many scenes, I want to bridge the scene changes with short pieces of music to help the flow of the play seem a little more seamless, and to give the actors and crew a better chance to make the changes.  As an audience member I hate feeling antsy when I think I have been sitting in the dark too long.  The right piece of music in the right spot can be like a button on the scene.  Still haven't found the right closing song yet. Thankfully there is still some time in front of me.

Okay....Let's see what hits me today......