I was never a good cook.  Passable...maybe, but never as good as some of my friends (thinking of you Kathy M.).  But working on a play is kinda like cooking.  You keep adding "pieces" from the first time you pick up the script straight through the rehearsal process, and sometimes even after opening night.   And after all these years, I am continually surprised how adding or subtracting one element can change the entire "flavor" or a scene or the whole play. 

In yesterday's rehearsal we were experimenting with a phone call.... do we give the audience both sides of the call, only one side of the call, put the call on speaker phone, yada, yada, yada... you get the drift.   Just bringing the new actor in to READ the scene totally influenced the other actors, and changed the flavor of the scene.  Dave is great at doing phone calls where you only hear him and the audience fills in the other side of the call -- But never wanting to pass up a "bit" I wanted to try having the other side of the call... The jury is still out as to whether this improves the scene or not.   The other actor is great -- it's exactly what I wanted... now I just have to decide if it serves the play and makes it funnier... Well, that's what rehearsal is for -- A chance to experiment and try different approaches. 

We are going to sleep on it and rehearse a different scene before coming back to this one on Monday -- fresh eyes, fresh perspective, and we will see what we come up with then.  Who knows by then I may want to Skype the call... just kidding.